Reading List, 2018

So we’re more than halfway through 2019 and I realized I never published what I read in 2018. I know the world has been waiting with bated breath (ha!), so here goes.

On the positive side, I read novels (something I failed to do in 2017), of which Shipping News was the standout. I highly recommend it, although part of my love for it probably has something to do with the fact that I have a burning desire to go to Newfoundland.

Other books follow last year’s themes – books about cities, books about transportation, books about shipping, etc.

I think the standout nonfiction books for the year were Peter Norton’s Fighting Traffic and Tom Sugrue’s The Origins of the Urban Crisis. If someone asked me for 2 books that describe why US cities look the way they do, I might recommend that one-two punch. If you’re reading this and you haven’t already read one or both, do so.

On the negative side, I read less books overall. I think that’s because I started getting The Economist and the New Yorker at home. I also started commuting (mostly) by bike rather than by bus, which ate through my most reliable morning reading time.


Books about shipping, boats, rivers, and harbors.

Transportation General


Books about the Catskills

Books about Writing

Books about Personal Finance

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